Willy Organ / DOLLY BING BING / Deathstar Macgyver

at OLTClub
  • This Is Antwerp

WILLY ORGAN :: Willy Organ embarks on the journey to find his artistic identity through music, poetry, dance, and video. His live shows turn out to be massive parties. His relatable, yet sad and dark lyrics on fear and loss will often make you laugh.

DOLLY BING BING :: Aka Elisabeth Van Dam, doctor in Philosophy and softcore performance artist. Glam alien pop star. Stripper Angel, cyber sexual fantasy. You can't desribe Dolly Bing Bing in just one word. After reigning the underground for many years, she broke through in 2019. She just released het debut EP, featuring futuristic RnB. She flirts with sexuality, gender, feminism. The future is now!

DEATHSTAR MACGYVER :: In 2019, he finally decided on using analog or digital recording techniques, picked up a midi keyboard, and went looking for fame and glory in the city of dreams, Antwerp. He already found Antwerp, and he's close to finding fame and glory as well.

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OLT Rivierenhof :: Turnhoutsebaan 246 :: 2100 Antwerp
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€10 - 12 (pre-sale) :: €13 - 15 (ATD)