the screenshake kick off party
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◕◕◕◕TIELSIE◕◕◕◕ PC Music

Tielsie (pronounced as TLC) is a French producer who has been signed by the infamous PC Music last year.His music is a mix of ADHD fueled juke and glittery bubblegum bass which will even make your little toe wanna twerk.

◕◕◕◕TOYS NOIZ◕◕◕◕ Peng

Straight outta London! Toys Noiz composes music with a kazoo and plays the latest Martin Garrix bangers out the top of his head on his Fisher Price piano.

◕◕◕◕PARTY TRASHERS◕◕◕◕ Drag Delight

A band of magical creatures from a far distant universes who are ready to destroy the dancefloor and rebuilt it to an alien spaceship.

◕◕◕◕DEEGEE PRINCESS◕◕◕◕ Shitty Party

Life's a fairytale when you hear her play.Spins records with her third nipple.

◕◕◕◕BENNI BOOI◕◕◕◕ Shitty Party

Donkin’ Happy hardcore on speed. Has no idea what he's doin'.Aspirins will be handed out during the performance.


During the rest of the weekend you can check out screenshake 2016 in Het Bos.Belgium's only (super) international indie game festival

Ankerrui 5-7 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€10 (more info www.screenshake.be)