A tropical November night
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Forget about the future, let’s live in the present & get back to Vice City !

All the way from Lyon Piaf proudly welcomes Faces & MCDE Records label boss PABLO VALENTINO for another episode in paradise ! Anyone that has seen his boiler room set knows that this may be the most tropical November night our city has even seen.

They are also very happy to announce the return of an urban legend of vice city. VINCENT is back on the decks, bringing his loved record selection & heroic mixing skills along with him. Ain’t no bad guy strong enough to defeat our personal superhero in this city we love.

And of course these heroes will be warmly hosted by our neighbourhood watch, the Vice City Resident’s DJ BOATS, MVMNT aka JUICY & ARNO LEMONS.



Piaf Antwerpen, D'Herbouvillekaai 25 :: 2020 Antwerp
Ticket Price
6 EUR < 01h00 < 8 EUR