Life Is Art Gallery
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Lifeisart is a small gallery in the heart of Antwerp. They want to be a platform both for established and emerging artists, national and international, they want to discover and support new talent along the way and they want to be daring, unconventional and innovative in our programming!

This Friday Tim Bickerton’s exposition “The act of painting” will take place.

“ At this moment in my career, I’m dealing with paintings that appear instantaneous : a result of full application, focused yet impulsive.  My paintings are about ‘the act of painting’. Sketches, collages, pre-work on paper : all of this, showing the state of mind I am in, at this moment, but also telling me where the idea started. “

>>> Paintings that just happen.


Lifeisart Galerij, Sint Jorispoort 20 :: 2000 Antwerp