Sunday Matinee & Kontrast present S3A, Makam & Ion Ludwig

Sunday Matinee & Kontrast present S3A, Makam & Ion Ludwig
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  • Sunday Matinee & Kontrast present S3A, Makam & Ion Ludwig

Antwerp's Sunday Matinee and Belgium's finest Kontrast crew team up for a special Sunday.Since everybody is free on Monday it's time to go deep and we are bringing you just the artists to do so!

S3A (FR - Hold Youth, Sampling As An Art, Lazare & Hoche)

MAKAM (NL - Amulett, Sushitech)

ION LUDWIG (NL - U_Gold, Trelik, Be Chosen)

+ Support by Sunday Matinee & Kontrast residentsPJAY, KOEN, ARNE, DELBAEN, CALVACHE, LAURENS


*** S3A *** 

S3A Sampling As An Art is an alias of Max Fader, whose idea is to produce music sifted from his multiple influences. This house project, based on the idea that electronic music is a blend of different cultures and music, started 15 years ago when Max began jaming on analog machines and samplers. It is through this project that he expresses, among other things, his taste for soul and House music. Such as his beloved artists MCDE or Tru'sme, he uses the process of sampling to color his music with sounds of his inspirations, always adding his own touch and groove. Although he discovered electronic music in 92 through uk hardcore, Dj Tanith remains is main influence. His culture is based on a solid knowledge of house music, soul, funk, hip hop, making him one of the most promising house artist of the French scene since 2009. He first came to Paris with Zadig to realize his childhood dream : building a studio and later a collaboration, Frendship Connection (All is just a matter of time has actually been playlisted by Marcel Dettmann). His residency at Concrete helped him to confirm his DJ statute since the last 3 years adding as well releases on Lazare Hoche Records, Hold Youth, Concrete Music, Local Talk, Phonogramme and Faces. With these releases, his remix request from Laurent Garnier on Music Large and his booking request from the French legend to play with him for his residency at Rex club, gave him legitimacy and visibility in all over Europe. His fresh signature on the last Compost compilation, a release on Phonogramme, signatures on his own label and his presence on international events such as Dimensions Festival, Weather Festival and in the most respected clubs in Europe, promises a bright New year 2015 for S3A .


*** MAKAM ***

Born and raised in The Hague on the Dutch coast, Makam grew up with electronic music. With his family and friends being a constant factor of new musical input, Makam decided to take musical matters into his own hands. A fortunate decision, as he had struck a creative nerve that revealed his raw talent. Emerging himself in music, he mastered the art of music production and found his own unique style.  During his career, Makam shared his infectious vision of electronic music in some of the most respected clubs (Trouw, Panoramabar, Robert Johnson, Amnesia, Fabric, Rex) and festivals (Dekmantel Festival, Awakenings, Lowlands, Weather Festival) in the world. With his residency at Dekmantel and in Hollands most respected club Trouw Amsterdam, Makam has fully established himself as a leading producer and DJ he is nowadays. Makam steadily keeps working on interesting new projects like ‘Amulett’, his own label that just got introduced to the world.


*** ION LUDWIG ***

The first signs of Ion Ludwig as a producer were brought to the world via a release on Butane’s Alphahouse in 2006. Ion however, possesses one of those unique stories of starting at such an early age, he was producing electronic music at the age of 17, having then his first release out at 21. Now, over 10 years on, his name continues to echo the representation of pure quality music, one which also shows that having a background as a musician certainly contributes greatly to such talent, dedication and wide recognition. Ion Ludwig’s musical influences are very wide and not only have been marked by for instance his early encounters with playing acoustic guitar or African drums but equally, if not more importantly, those acquired by his travels and the exposure to different cultures which contribute as major influences to his work. Ion Ludwig moved from Leeuwarden to Amsterdam and from there to Berlin in early 2005, throughout the 4 years he lived in Berlin, while actively producing in the studio places like Club Der Visionaere and Weekend Club helped shape his live performances to perfection.On labels like Alphahouse, Stock 5, Resopal, Thema and later on Motiv Bank, and his own imprint Quagmire LTD he brought intricate and sophisticated minimal house and techno records, picked up by the masters of underground culture. Special recognition needs to be given to a particular piece of work, his debut album ‘Free K Loudwiggle’ on his own imprit Quagmire LTD. This album is the result of 21 months’ work in Berlin then to finalise it, the mix down and mastering process were done over the course of 2 months after moving back to his birthplace in Holland, Kring van Dorth.The true artistic dedication with its attention to detail and beauty are so evident in this piece of work, not only for its wide musical diversity covering jazz, funk, disco, house and techno and its marvelous competency in production skills but also the entire ethos and artistic concept around it which tells us a lot about the artist and his dedication to art in its purest form. It was released to a limited 200 copies with the unique touch on hand-making all the artwork, record covers were manually printed and stamps were given to each side of each record. Following on from such artistic statement a whole new focus takes place in 2011 where labels like Meander, Be Chosen, Tenth Circle and Baby Ford's Trelik grow interest in his music. Critically acclaimed, his 2011 EP's make waves under the crème de la crème of electronic avant-guardists. This is also where his direction and style is defined for the coming years to go. In 2012 his new conceptual Label Ugold Series start in co-operation with ‘DD Distribution’ Berlin. This is a result of him finding new ways to release his increasing explorations in sound under the focus of being an ‘introverted and impressionist’ producer of house and techno music. Working from his 'Ion’s Inn Studio' inside a medieval building he explores a vast expansion of retro-technical and modern electronic instruments enabling sound to be shaped beyond any hype. On stage his live performances take place with the eye and ear set on the musical 'horizon'. Combining drum machines and synthesizers with a laptop and recordings from older and newer work his sound radiates a never-ending story and energy. 

Ampere - Simonsstraat 21 - 2018 - Antwerp.