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Strand of Oaks - aka Timothy Showalter - released six albums since 2009. Think loner-folk. Songs written when the night is at its darkest, with a rare excursion to rock.

Now he announced his latest album: Eraserland. "When I was writing these sonds, every day I would walk on the beach and I was completely alone and overwhelmed by fear. But then I realized how there really aren't any rules for who you are, who you'll become, or who you think you need to be. Eraserland is just that. It's death to ego, and rebirth to anything or anyone you want to be".


Frankie Lee. This American singer-songwriter brings you his rootsy americana and folk rock, somewhere between Dylan and Springsteen.

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Trix :: Noordersingel 28-30 :: 2140 Antwerp
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