The Space Lady

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Susan Dietrich, aka The Space Lady, is why the term "outside musician" was invented. She started her carreer in the late seventies, in Boston. With her extravagant sense of fashion and accordeon she sung of love and pacifism, and re-worked some contemporary pop hits and classics.

Ten years later, Susan moved to San Francisco. She bought a Casio piano, added some effects, and got herself a microphone to lift the concept of "street musician" to the next level. Throughout the years, she gained some popularity - especially when Irwin Chusid added her to his compilation Songs In The Key Of Z, in 2000.

The Space Lady's cult status has been growing ever since. Last year, she released her latest album, On The Street Of Dreams.

The Space Lady is one of music's biggest legends, you've never heard of. You don't wanna miss out on her show in Antwerp...

De Muze :: Melkmarkt 15 :: 2000 Antwerp
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