Songhoy Blues + Teme Tan+voor&na: Moonshack DJ's

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The Songhoy Blues, a remarkable powerful and truly unique new band. Though their music bears elements of contemporary rock and hip hop, at its heart is Songhoy Blues‚ deep attachment to the homegrown songs and dances of Mali‚s Songhoy people as well as such iconic West African guitar heroes as Baba Salah and Ali Farka Touré. Songs like “Irganda” and “Al Hassidi Terei” see Songhoy Blues blending the traditional and the modern, the homegrown and the foreign, the youthful and the ancient.

De Roma, Turnhoutsebaan 286 :: 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp
Ticket Price
16 EUR // -26 = 14 EUR