Sneaker "A" Fair

For sneaker lovers
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Sneaker 'A' Fair wants to give sneaker lovers from Antwerp and far around it a chance to buy, sell or trade their favorite pairs.

In the past years, sneakers have become common good in the street view and fashion world. Therefore, it was time for the capital of fashion, Antwerp, to get its own sneaker event.

Besides buying, trading or selling sneakers visitors will have the opportunity to browse through, and buy clothing and accessories from young Antwerp designers. As you get hungry from all the walking, we'll also have several foodtrucks to serve your culinary cravings during the event!

The first edition of the Sneaker 'A' fair will take place in the 'Shop' in Antwerp. An easy to reach location that was carefully picked as it also offers ample parking space. 

Rijnkaai 2 :: 2000 Antwerp
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