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SLIPMATTSlipmatt, in the scene for nearly three decades has become a true ‘Godfather of Rave’. Together with close friend and musical colleague, DJ Lime they set up the pirate radio station Raw FM.

In late 1989 the two formed the legendary production duo SL2, alongside MC Jay. They became one of the most incredible acts in underground music history.

‘DJ’s Take Control / Way In My Brain’ and ‘On A Ragga Tip’ were both released on XL Recordings and are one of the most iconic tracks in the history of dance music.

Slipmatt is been DJ-ing ever since at all big events like Fantazia, Raindance, Helter Skelter, Dreamscape to name but a few. He set up is own record labels SMD and Awesome Records and was responsible for countless mixtapes and dance compilations. He was nominated by numerous magazines, websites and radio stations as best DJ and won many awards for his contribution to the scene.

From local clubs in London to big rave events all over the world, from underground parties to international music festivals, from Ibiza to Australia, Slipmatt was booked all over the globe!

Stoofpot and Ruffskool team up and bring the living legend to Antwerp city. Slipmatt will guide you through the history of jungle and hardcore at Kavka.Are you ready for the Godfather of Rave for a legendary trip back to 1993? We are!

Kavka ::: Oudaan 14 ::: 2000 Antwerp
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