Sick Thoughts (baltimore, us - punk) + MOAR & dj zaadkameraad

B a g g e r
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SICK THOUGHTS (Baltimore, us - Punk)

Wonder weirdo Drew Owen likes to play his garage punk like it's supposed to be. Think Reatards.He barfs records and tapes at high speed on labels like Goner, Slovenly and Goodbye Boozy.He's young and mad and he probably hates your guts.Let´s turn B a g g e r  upside down!


+ MOAR (Garage punk)

MOAR started as The Jagged Frequency one-man lo-fi project. Now in full band mode playing the best garage, punk and surf in town.



Kattendijkdok Oostkaai 22a :: 2000 Antwerp
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Free Entrance