Riddle of the Burial Grounds

A groupshow curated by Tessa Giblin.
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Troubling over signs, objects and markers that endure from the past, ‘Riddle of the Burial Grounds’ stares unblinkingly into the future, and a landscape littered with monuments, industrial ruin, excavated caverns, wastelands, objects and messages above and below ground that will outlast us: a future counted not in lives, but in the devastating, radioactive reality of half-lives.‘Riddle of the Burial Grounds’ is generously supported by Culture Ireland, and is a partnership bound by ideas, forged between Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp, and Project Arts Centre, Dublin. While ‘Riddle of the Burial Grounds’ thinks far into the future, ‘Allegory of the Cave Painting’ (2014-15) – curated by the then Artistic Director of Extra City Kunsthal, Mihnea Mircan, looked 40,000 years into the past, and evolved into an exhibition called ‘A breathcrystal’ which was presented at Project Arts Centre in 2015.The exhibition at Extra City Kunsthal features many artworks newly commissioned by Giblin for steirischer herbst festival, Graz, artworks featured in Project Arts Centre, and some artists who have joined the exhibition for the first time, including Lucy Skaer, Emmanuel Van der Auwera and Ruth E. Lyons.

Eikelstraat 25 :: 2600 Antwerp