Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival

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During Whit Monday the Grote Markt is transformed into one big blues festival. Initiator Kid van Thienen from the well known Kid´s Rythm ´n´ Blues Kaffee managed to attract a lot of big names to Antwerp for the one and only Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival!

STEVEN TROCH BAND - 12u00: The festival kicks off with the Steven Troch Band. Without any doubt "Steven Troch Band" is one of the finest bands playing some of the best contemporary and vintage style blues you will hear in Europe today.

SEAN WEBSTER & THE DEAD LINES - 13u15: The Grote Markt welcomes Sean Webster & The Dead Lines to the stage. Sean is the inspiring guitar vocalist for the 4 piece band with a great reputation on the British Blues and rock scene.

ENRICO CRIVELLARO MEETS TB4Q FEAT. PIETRO TAUCHER - 14u45: It is hardly a surprise that his two latest albums, "Freewheelin" and "Mojo Zone", are often found in music stores next to Chet Atkins and Eric Clapton on the "guitar hero" shelf!!

BAS PAARDEKOOPER AND THE BLEW CRUE - 16u15: Frontman Bas Paardekooper, inspired after hearing Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" at the age of eleven, he thaught himself the principles of guitar playing. He developed his play and his passion for the instrument that is now inextricably linked with the name "Bas Paardekooper".

THE BETTY CASH STORYTELLERS FEAT. STEVEN DE BRUYN - 18u00: They describe their new repertoire  as a mix of roots, dub and European pop rock. A versatile musical experience with a lot of their own compositions influenced by various styles.​

RYAN MC GARVEY - 20u00: With rave reviews complimenting everything from his fiery guitar chops, which range from everything from delta slide to heavy rock, his unique vocals, or mature songwriting skills, Ryan McGarvey's live shows will leave you breathless and wanting more!

FLOYD MATTERS - 22u00: Armed with a spectacular light show, this musical machine dances throughout the oeuvre of one of the most important bands in the history of rock and pop music, Pink Floyd. A spectacular ending to a spectacular festival at our beloved Grote Markt!






Grote Markt :: 2000 Antwerp
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