The really really affordable art fair

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Great news for all you art-lovers: PARIS TEXAS, the new breeding-pond for the young and creative minds in Antwerp experiments with the first really really affordable art fair! 

The Parisian architect Nathalie Wolberg and the Texan artist Tim Stokes (PARIS + TEXAS, how convenient) just recently finished this remarkable but most of all memorable art gallery and studio. The idea was to create a space where young artists can display their work to create a new platform for photo-shoots, meetings and events.

Tim and Nathalie came up with the idea for the really really affordable art fair to make art more accessible for younger people to buy. With prices in between 10 and 1000 euros you might just find yourself the perfect work!

The exhibition will last till Sunday but be quick, the best works will go fast!

Sint-Pietersvliet 6 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
Free entrance // Artworks vary between €10 - €1000