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RAKTA (Brasil)

Straight from the depth of São Paulo, Rakta is a band too wild to be caged inside the familiar rock labels. This all-women band reminds of the 70s and 80s anarchist and post punk scene. Over the years, they pushed creative boundaries and develop a sound of their own. Unique, rough, and psychedelic. Free and instinctive performances. You will remember them...


Dreamy indy rock, often compared to My Bloody Valentine, PJ Harvery, or Mazzy Star. Ready to present their new album, Drag City.


This Dutch band brings forth electronic shoegaze. Raw and industrial. With subtle, dreamy, mysterious sounds as well. Celebrated by no less than J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) and Nick Cave. 2020 will mark the birth of their latest creation, Whipser Om. Which, according to the band, can be best described as a neo-pop opus.

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Het Bos :: Ankerrui 5-7 :: 2000 Antwerp
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