Partytrashers - Origins EP release party

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Partytrashers release their Origins EP.

Ever wonderd why the river Scheldt has a Princess, or which kind of being can be both a Vampire and a Mermaid? Ever deemed it possible that ships could be used for travel into space and to its many stars, and that one of those stars could be humanoid? Take a dive into Partytrashers history with the new visual EP Origins, where they let you discover how a shining light brought the band together.

Dresscode: trash / drag / kitsch / party / space / glitter / princess / vampire / mermaid / pirate / alien / diamonds


Jimmy Kidd DJ set :: Tigette :: AFIA :: Gabrielle Duchesse Divine :: Partytrashers :: Mati Drome

Het Bos :: Ankerrui 5-7 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€10 :: €15 (entrance, EP, stickers, posters and more)