a pakt party
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Since a few months, PAKT is bringing together entrepreneurs and city farmers in the hear of Antwerp. It became a hub for creativity and food experiments.

The rooftop gardens will be open, there'll be delicious food and rad corners of the city to discover.


tasty stuff by Caffènation, Kasserol, Smartmat and Standard

PART of the PAKT, a presentation of all PAKT partners

farmer's market De Volle Grond

guided tours of the rooftop gardens

a visit to Caffènation's coffee roastery

funky fresh milk

guided tours through the hood with a city guide

nail art by Elfi

music by the Walnut Club

PAKT :: 't Groen Kwartier / Regine Beerplein / Lamorinierestraat 161 (multiple entrance points) :: 2600 Antwerp
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Free entrance