Organic Dreams VI

@ Petrol
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This 6th edition of Organic Dreams, brings you a vintage Yahel set including his most iconic tracks like 'for the People', 'Intelligent Life' and so many more. Dj Chicago has become a regular at these events and this year he's celebrating his 70th birthday with you! The amazing duo Space Tribe and Electric Universe have nothing left to prove with carreers spanning over 2 decades. And last but not least, Organic Dreams hosts Space Buddha and Jaia both for retrospective sets, with epic hits from that magical era 10 years ago, including 'Mai Mai', 'Mental Hotline', 'Exceptional Insight' and so many more.

This will surely be a night to remember, so see you all on this next edition of Organic Dreams.

d'Herbouvillekaai 25 :: 2020 Antwerp
Ticket Price
Pre-sale €18 // €22 ATD