Opening Weekend Club Vaag

Vage Nachten
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New venue in town CLUB VAAG plans to bring the best of the underground scene in an intimate venue of about 500 people. They will throw own parties under the name "Vage Nachten" but also welcome fellow promoters and friends to organise unforgettable nights!

Inside the club they want people to be themselves and to literally lose their minds. Therefore there will be a strict 21+ and NO EGO policy!

You'll be able to rent crazy outfits that you'll either buy or return at the end the night, all that to be sure you'll get into your party character at 100%!

For this they are working with the Cabinet de transformation, Out of Space and Gipsy Deluxe to bring you the most beautiful and craziest outfits to party !

From November on the clothes shop will not only be open during the Vage Nachten but also throughout the week. We have no doubt you’ll find something that was made for you here!

> Le Cabinet de Transformation :

> Out of Space :

> Gipsy Deluxe :



Will tear the roof off the MOFO:

> Mimi Love [Katerblau/Bachstelzen - DE]

> Dave Dinger [Katerblau/Bachstelzen - DE]

> Die Clique [Sweet Trade - BE]

> Charlie Fraîche [BE]


Rijnkaai 4 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
presale: €12 €15 ATD