OPENING: The Outer Limit Of Some Thing - LAMART OFFSPACE

Art Exhibition
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Group Exhibition:

Fred Bervoets, Karina Beumer, Flurin Bisig, Liebert De Bleser, Wim Van der Celen, Eric Chiafele, 

Patrick Vanden Eynde, Robin Foesters, Yannick Ganseman, Egon van Herreweghe, Karl Philips, Jakub RehakOPENING FRIDAY 20 MAY - During Antwerp Art Weekend

18h - 22h

*INTRODUCTION: Gaston Meskens

*PERFORMANCE 1: The Outer Limit Of Some Thing

Raphael Malfliet (composition + bowed electric bass), Leonhard Hühn (clarinet), Ngoc Phunh Ha (viola), Gino Coomans (cello)

*PERFORMANCE 2: The Local Teleshop

Jakub Rehak 

Pourbusstraat 3 :: 2000 Antwerp