w/ Maysoon Zayid & Pedro Elias
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Welcome to the 80th edition of NUFF SAID. Between mainstream and underground. Giving both young talent and international names a chance. Nothing but quality, every month again. Be it comedy, literature, music, spoken word... Always given a soundtrack by BRZZVLL and Johan Petit.


RAYEN PANDAY (NL) :: comedian, singer, piano player and combiner all this in his shows

EL MORABBA3 (JOR/PAL) :: transforming the vibes of Amman into fine fine rock, a band singing about the frustrations you get living in the city, about all to real struggles, but also about their determination to change the world

SHAKA SHAMS (BE) :: 17 years old, a word smith straight outta Antwerp with a hypnothizing voice, won the Violencia 2017 contest

PEDRO ELIAS (BE) :: famous local TV host and writer, made a dazzling debut in 2014 with his first novel "Van den Hond" ("of the dog"), about a man and his... dog, currently working on his next novel

MAYSOON ZAYID (PAL/US) :: acting, writing and bringing comedy, suffering from cerebral palsy but still fighting to live the dream. Headlined the Arabs Gone Wild Comedy Tour and The Muslims Are Coming Tour, starred alongside Adam Sandler in You Don't Mess with the Zohan, hosted the best watched TED talk of 2014 and got named by the BBC as 1 of the 100 women of 2015

This edition got re-named to NUFF SAID FOR LIFE - for every ticket sold, €5 goed to the good cause of Palestina Solidariteit.

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cc Berchem :: Driekoningenstraat 126 :: 2600 Antwerp
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