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New rising sun is a Belgian Blues-rock/folk band consisting of Dries Bongaerts (songwriter, vocals, guitars), David Hermans (guitars, harps), Diego Faes (bass, mandoline) and Tim Caramin (drums). The band was formed in Antwerp, in the summer of 2007 by Dries and David, who found each other roaming around the city as buskers. That impromptu street collaboration formed the basis of what later would become new rising sun (no capitals). The first full line-up with Michiel Smit on bass and Jelle De Groof on drums gave birth to their unnamed, home-recorded demo in 2008. On that record influence by Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits marks the stylistic direction of the band.

In the following years the band lived several line-up changes, causing a turbulent sway of ups and downs. Fortunately, their Kondratievian wave didn’t inhibit them from writing, playing and recording. Two years after their first feat new rising sun released their first official album called Paradise For A Stranger. A darkish and intimate record, written only by Dries and David. This low-key production of vocals, guitars and harmonica was further complemented by Ewout Lehoucq on cello, giving the album its sentimental mood. Another year later, in 2011, again after a few personnel switches, Good Morning Once Again was released with much anticipation. Harder rocking, more dynamic, though without neglecting the roots, this album marked yet again an evolution in sound, but also in maturity. 

As for stage experience, new rising sun has a considerable record of past shows. Not only are they a frequent stage invitee in their hometown Antwerp, all over Flanders, The Netherlands and Spain the band has left audiences impressed. Most remarkably, with the release of Paradise For A Stranger the foursome performed as an opening act for Stash in the Summer of 2010.

Finally, the band name new rising sun came up during a highly inspired listening session of Jimi Hendrix’ ‘Hey Baby (first rays of the new rising sun)’. The idea behind it is simple: always believe in finding a way to rise up again in life.

That philosophy has undoubtedly kept the band alive and will so in the future. Because no matter how low their sun sinks, or far away behind the clouds it conceals, it will always rise up again or reveal its silver linings.



De Muze, Melkmarkt 15 :: 2000 Antwerp
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