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MOM (Mind of Mars) is an Antwerp-based youth collective, hip hop-minded, nightlife concept, hosting events since 2017. 2020 sees them teaming up with city theater Arenberg.

During MOM EXPLORES you'll discover the newest and freshest from the urban underground. Expect future beats, old and new school hip hop vibes, and tons of promising artists.


Cry & Wally A$M :: these young rappers individually wrecked stages at WOO HAH!, Zwarte Cross, and Down the Rabbit Hole, and toured with names like Bokoesam, Jacin Trill, Leafs, and Donnie. In 2020 they're teaming up for their album Voor Niks Komt De Zon Op. And with a new album, also comes a new tour. Expect an atypical show, featuring both their solo and collaborative work and high doses of energy...

Arenberg :: Arenbergstraat 28 :: 2000 Antwerp
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