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Kavka proudly presents a new concept to host the best upcoming artists and DJs in Liquid Drum & Bass on Saturday the 2nd of april: MISFIT!

To kick things off we have invited an artist that keeps proving his place on prominent events like Liquicity & Hospitality in the Netherlands and the UK:

✖✖ ARCH ORIGIN [NL] ✖✖    Arch Origin is an upcoming music producer from The Netherlands. His vibrant and diverse style initiated his unique working area in today's scene, warming up stages for Pendulum, Kove, Enei, LSB, Hybrid Minds and many more.

✖✖ DIAGNOSE ✖✖    Diagnose is an upcoming DJ from Belgium, he has been turning heads with his impact 3 deck mixing, and wide selection covering all different styles of Drum & Bass , NeuroFunk, Liquid & Dancefloor.

✖✖ COMPLETE-0H ✖✖    Introducing Complete-OH, the man behind Ritual. He found his passion for DJing deep and dark music 4 years ago. Some of his biggest influences are the labels Tempa, Metalheadz, Exit etc

✖✖ ZAMOUZIK ✖✖    Performing an vinyl and cd set, this original rudeboy junglist is turning to his agressive mixing into a deep bassy drum and bass. His goal is to make you discover the old school jungle again. Zamouzik´s focus shifted to the full spectrum of Drum and Bass. 

✖✖ SIGNIFERS ✖✖    This Antwerp based duo will provide you with the best Bass music in town. Expect the freshest Dnb beats from liquid to neurofunk!


✖✖ NYZE & BLUE J ✖✖





Oudaan 14 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€4 < 00:00 > €5