Mirror of Society – première #MAF15

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Are you ready for a surprising and exciting arts festival? From the 16th of October until the 31st Mestizo Arts Festival will set foot on Antwerp ground again. The festival brings you a new wave of artists with their own view on cities of the future. You can expect an artistic experiment and a mix of theatre, music, dance and image. #MAF15 will show you what is going on in the big cities, with artists from Antwerp, Buenos Aires and Mexico. Every year the festival welcomes more than thousand people. The festival is organised for the 8th time, and the theme of this year is “The Wall”.


Mirror of Society

This Urban dance performance will not leave you unmoved. The dancers of Lets go Urban will tell a story about life, and how to deal with it. Do you choose to live the same as everyone else? Of do you choose to go against the current?

[23/10| Mirror of Society | 8:15pm | Arenberg Theatre | € 12,-]

Arenberg Schouwburg, Arenbergstraat 28 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
12 EUR