MINT 2.0. W/ EXPLORE, BleuBleu, Nasty NAG & more

fresh beats, hip-hop, bass etc.
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Mint is back with more fresh beats, hip-hop, bass, etc.



♦ EXPLORE (???)

It's 2 am, your girlfriend stumbles in & catches you browsing to some EXPLORE beats through Internet Explorer, now you have some explaining to do. If you come to Mint you can get away with it without her knowing.

Who or what the actual fuck is EXPLORE? Is it a slow and inefficient Internet Browser? Did the 4 guys from Losco have a romance and did one of them get pregnant? We don't know, what we do know is that EXPLORE makes some dope beats that get attention from people with the likes of Baauer, RL Grime & the Soulection crew & he's doing his first show ever at Mint.



♦ BleuBleu (aka Abraham Blue)

Abraham Blue is a musical octopus, outside of singing, writing lyrics & producing he deejays under the name BleuBleu. This man of many talents will surely surprise you.



♦ Nasty NAG (Team Panini ♦ Eigen Makelij)

Nasty NAG, 1/2 of Team Panini and also one of Belgium's finest producers, will bless the crowd with a great mix of hip hop, trap and booty beats. Make that booty clap!

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♦ Jewels b2b Xu (Mint residents)

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Kavka, Oudaan 14 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
4 EUR < 0h00 < 5 EUR