The Living Room XL

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The Living Room XL is an exhibit that imitates the form of a happening. An art form that originated during the late fifties in the US of A. It combined visual arts, music, theater and embraced chance as part of the event.

The exhibit will last 12 hours, starting September 2 at 2pm. Every artist is offered a period of 30 minutes to install and present their work. The exhibit unfolds from one intervention to the other.


Rowan Van As :: Wim Catrysse :: Allon Kaye :: Eva L'Hoest & Arnaud Eubelen :: Kitty Kamp :: Koba De Meutter :: Jurgen Ots :: Razen :: Jelle Spruyt :: Aymeric de Tapol :: Amber Vanluffelen :: Nicolas Valckenaere :: Paky Vlassopoulou :: Stijn Van Dorpe & Bas Schevers

Curated by Alan Quireyns.

BODEM :: Kielsevest 23-25 :: 2018 Antwerp
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Free entrance