Kamping Kerosine

edition V
  • This Is Antwerp

Kamping Kerosine returns for the 5th time. This time not at the side of, but inside Antwerp Airport!

Right beside the landingstrip, underneatch a concrete mushroom - designed by Alfred Hardy in 1947.

A L L A B O A R D ▲ C O M E E A R L Y ▲ L E A V E L A T E

Daytime banger. Nite time rave. Free entrance. Free music. Free planes. Free entertainment.

B R I N G Y O U R O W N F R I E N D S ▲ B R I N G Y O U R O W N B O O Z E


tba (check link below)


bring your own booze


don't leave stuff behind

Antwerp International Airport :: Luchthavenlei z/n :: 2100 Antwerp
Ticket Price
Free entrance