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The Red Star Line museum, Radio Minerva, House of Song and the Part of Antwerp festival introduce "The journey of Irving Berlin". A musical trip through the works of Berlin. He wrote lil' songs with an enormous impact.

Berlin's parental house was set on fire during a pogrom. As a five years old Jewish kid, he followed his family out of Russia. Straight to Antwerp to catch the Red Star Line that went to the United States.

He's the musical example of the American Dream. He worked his way from paper boy to singing waiter to song plugger to producer. But he'll always be remembered as someone who wrote nice lil' songs, for the people.

Wilfriend Van den Brande (vocal), Bart Van Caenegem (piano) and Jos Machtel (bass) will sing you the history of Irving Berlin.


Session 1 at 1pm

Session 2 at 3pm

Session 3 at 5pm

Each session lasts one hour.

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