Jahmbassador Hi-Fi meets Chalice Sound system

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Chalice Sound System

Chalice was founded mid 90’s in the north of France where they are very well known for the many dances they organized. Their crisp sounding system and the heavy roots and steppers selection they play made them also popular in Belgium. For many years they played the afterparty at Irie Vibes festival, this year they delivered the sound for saturday. Both Paulo and Youthman are selectors and mc on their sound system which they will bring for the first time to Antwerp! 


Jahmbassador Hi-Fi

This Belgian soundsystem was founded 2009 by Kaya and Fayaman after a split with Ionyouth Soundsystem. They have played many dances since and expanded their sound during the years. Now Jahmbassador Hi-Fi is a full grown sound in the Belgian scene. They also released some heavyweight vinyl and recently, in a review on reggae.be, Kaya was called the Belgian “Jah Shaka”. Maybe a bit exaggerated but if you have seen him before you will understand where the comparison comes from. The energy he spreads will make you skank and dance through the night!

So be sure you don’t miss this meeting. These soundmen will meet for the first time both on their own system, you can be sure they will bring their heaviest selection!


Missing Link

This artist will be the MC for Jahmbassador. Well known for his performances for many Sounds he doesn't need any introduction! Not only a gifted MC but he also delivered the artwork for this flyer!



Zappa, August Leyweg 6 :: 2020 Kiel, Antwerp
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