Integrated 2015 — Biennial international art & design conference organized by St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp & deSingel #INTEGRATEDCONF15 #day1

Biennial international art & design conference
Tagsart, design, performance
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Featuring lectures and performances by Harry Pearce (UK) • Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel (CA) • Joost Grootens (NL) • Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk (NL) • Uta Eisenreich & Eva Meyer-Keller (DE) • Dimitri Bruni & Manuel Krebs NORM (CH) • Studio Dumbar (NL) • Tim Fendley (UK) • James Langdon (UK) • Olaf Breuning (CH) and more to be announced soon...

INTEGRATED2015 is the fifth edition of the buzzing conference format organized by St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. The event offers a platform for the compelling dialogue between art, design and society, and wallows therefore in the polemics of this discourse. It is a forum with a high festival factor at which speakers can compare their work, design processes, sources of inspiration and methodologies, leaving those present with a sense of ‘indigestion’ that can be interpreted as: ‘Well, I need to catch my breath, but at least I was there’. 

Looking both forwards and backwards —cockeyed and visionary at the same time— the atypical and eclectic programming dares to take a controversial approach, making Integrated one of the leading art & design conferences in Europe.


<<<  PROGRAMME – THURSDAY 26th of NOV >>>


08:30 Registration – Coffee

09:45 Welcome by the Integrated MC’s – Intro by Petra Van Brabandt (BE)

10:00 James Langdon (UK)

10:45 Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk (NL)

>>> 11:30 Coffee break


12:00 Olaf Breuning (CH)

12:45 Joost Grootens (NL)

>>> 13:30 Lunch

14:00 Jens Maurits Orchestra (BE) – performance (music studio). The number of places is limited to 144.

>>> YONN

14:30  Typeradio (NL), Kastaar (BE), Johanna Benz (DE), Robin Schijfs (NL), Jane Coppin (BE), Cecilia Azcarate (BE)

>>> 16:00 Short break

16:30 Norm (CH)

17:15 Studio Dumbar (NL)

>>> 18:00 Coffee break

18:30 Tim Fendley (UK)

19:15 Moniker (NL)

>>> 20:00 End of the lectures day one





Two-day ticket students: € 85

Two-day ticket teachers: € 85

Two-day ticket professionals: € 170

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Two-day ticket for students graduated in 2015: € 85

Tickets are only sold for the two-day event. However, you can exchange your entry badge with another person.

Group tickets art & design institutes: please contact JOY.DOMBRECHT@KDG.BE



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