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Both hipsters and muslims are beloved media topics. TV shows, papers,.. just can't stop talking about them. However, the definitions of "hipster" and "muslim" got blurry, somewhere along the way. Not in the least due to the fact that people love talking about them, instead of with them.

With HIPSTER / MUSLIM: BORGERHOUT, Shirin Mirachor (GET ME and one of D.A.T.E. 2.0's Antwerp 13) and Malikka Bouaissa ({al.arte.magazine}) offer a stage to six young men. Who'll have the opportunity to get the audience aquainted with their "subgroups".

This project will be launched with a photography exhibition at Antwerp's Krugerplein ("Kruger Square") on the 3rd of October.

For more information, feel free to contact hmproject@do-you-get-me.com.

Krugerplein :: 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp // Bar Leon :: Reuzenstraat 23 :: 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp
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Free entrance