Roedel, Prince K. Appiah, Guappa May & DJ RAMOS
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HIPHOPNIGHT opening the new concert season at Rataplan.

ROEDEL - eight young dogs forming an Antwerp-based hip hop collective. Chill. Roots in the nineties. Influenced by jazz. Raw. Exciting.

PRINCE K. APPIAH - aka Rico. Singer, actor, musician, artist. Roots in Ghana, straight outta Antwerp. Against the stream.

GUAPPA MAY - two rap gals. Lots of girl power. Powerfull lines.

DJ RAMOS - known from the Osei Bantu collective, taking care of the grooves.

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Rataplan :: Wijnegemstraat 27 :: 2140 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€6 - €12