Heavy Psych Sounds Fest

at Trix
  • This Is Antwerp

This tiny (but loud) festival is a collaboration between Trix and Metadrone.


Mondo Generator :: rock legend Nick Oliveri's band - says it all... A power threesome bringing you Oliveri's work, but some Kyuss or Queens as well

BLACK RAINBOWS :: stoner groove, tons of variation, but always explosive

Dead Witches :: a doom super band - come, come to the Sabbath!

DUEL :: Texas based, which means just a bit crazier and more dangerous than enyone else. Psychedelic stoner doom with a dark edge to it

Giöbia :: one of the most influencial bands from the current Italian psychedelic scene. Get ready for a multi-colored acid trip of sound

The Lors of Altamont :: no peace and love for these Lords. Think 60s garage and early NY punk. Dirty rock 'n roll and stage sweat

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Trix :: Noordersingel 28-30 :: 2140 Antwerp
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