Find grandma Giant somewhere in Antwerp
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The Giants will be in Antwerp on June 19, 20 and 21. We don’t know what will happen where, but if you are in Antwerp you won’t miss them.

The Giants are always nice to look at, even when they are sleeping, but if you want to follow them on their route through the city, it’s best to come during the day.

The Giants are loved by all, even children! We expect lots of fans so bear in mind that it will be busy. Reserve enough time to pass by and seek them out. It’s really fun if you discover The Giants on your own.

Come by bike, we provide large bike racks on the Groenplaats and in Park Spoor Noord. It’s best to follow The Giant’s route on foot. Of course you can also arrive by public transportation. It will be very difficult to dive in town on these dates. Leave your car behind on a Park & Ride at the edge of the city.

The Giants are free and they’re for everyone so you don’t have to reserve tickets!

Somewhere in Antwerp
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