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  • This Is Antwerp

GHOST is a conceptual show, briefly leaving the scene in Ghent to rock the Antwerp one.

Led by underground diamond Raveyards, a bunch of artists will guide you into the night. Beats. Dancing. Sweaty.

15 acts. 15 x 15 minutes.

Get ready for a night of nomadic music, dance, performance, parties and poetry.


Hantrax ▲ Raveyard ▲ KYEM ▲ Rheinzand ▲ TTN DJs ▲ Laurie Hagen ▲ Future Old People Are Wizards ▲ Simon Segers ▲ DWILD ▲ T T B W R S ▲ Thelooca ▲ Klaas Bullynck ▲ RARE AKUMA ▲ Grovgast ▲ and more

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deSingel :: Desguinlei 25 :: 2018 Antwerp
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