F.R.E.D. en Veerle Wenes present Deux Couleurs by Willem Cole

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F.R.E.D. and Veerle Wenes kindly invite you to raise a glass to the festive opening of the art project Deux Couleurs by Willem Cole. You can find all information about F.R.E.D., the Deux Couleurs project and the evening itself here below:

F.R.E.D. is a constantly innovating concept store in the Kloosterstraat 13 in Antwerp. F.R.E.D. stands for Facility for Research, Expression and Development. It is not just a clothing store offering an original range of national and international clothing brands for women, it is also a creative house that inspires.

At the F.R.E.D. store we make room for new concepts and boundary-crossing projects. Through collaborations with fashion designers, artists and creators, the house is in a permanent state of metamorphosis.

On Thursday the 8th of October, F.R.E.D. and curator Veerle Wenes, owner of gallery valerie_traan in Antwerp, present you Willem Cole. The artist from Ghent has been exploring the correlation between colours and geometrical shapes for over 30 years. Especially for F.R.E.D., Willem Cole translates his monochrome portraits into the unique project Deux Couleurs.

Clients can buy a Willem Cole certified art work by making a personal selection of two colours of paint out of the 64 colours proposed by the artist. At home, the combination will form a unique portrait on the wall, in the shape of two adjacent monochrome squares.

Join us on the 8th of October to drink a glass, discover F.R.E.D. and get inspired by the portraits of curator Veerle Wenes, fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen, shoe designer Ellen Verbeek, co-founder of the FNG Group Anja Maes, fashion designer Catharina Bossaert and graphic designer Lodewijk Joye.


Kloosterstraat 13 :: 2000 Antwerp
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