Film Fatal 4: Blood Simple

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For this fourth edition of the Film Fatal festival, three neo-noir movies are selected. Neo-noir is a genre that contains elements from the classic American noir movies mixed up with contemporary themes.


>>  17u30: Point blank (1967, John Boorman) is about a criminal who is looking for revenge. Actors: Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson.


>>  20u: Blood Simple (1984, Coen Brothers) is the debut film of the two brothers Joel and Ethan Coen that tells the story of a rich husband who tries to murder his cheating wife and her lover (noir style).   


>>  22u15u: Falling Down (1993, Joel Schumacher) is about a frustrated official who is trying to get what he wants through a violent lifestyle in which he gets in contact with the wrong people (neo-noir with Michael Douglas in the lead).


Drinks and nibbles will be provided. 

Klappeistraat 2 :: 2060 Antwerpen
Ticket Price
4 euro (or 8 euro for all three)