Fashion Talks 2015

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Let’s Fashion

Antwerp is - thanks to the excellent reputation of the fashion department of the Royal Academy and the presence of many internationally recognized designers and young talents – considered one of Europe's fashion capitals. Nevertheless the city has no fashion week or shows. Flanders Fashion Institute wants to stress this unique character by bringing the fashion world together during an inspiring event and by organizing network opportunities and moments of knowledge sharing, Fashion Talks.



Fashion equals creation but also business, a dynamic sector and a major source of inspiration for other industries.  However, the sector faces a lot of challenges, to keep up with all these, companies need to be creative, innovative and edgy. Fashion Talks this year focuses on the theme IMAGINE! During the conference, industry professionals are put on stage who have a clear, critical and creative perspective on the industry to encourage all parties in the fashion industry to dare take more innovative action!


The second edition of the Fashion Talks takes place on 3 December 2015 in the Waagnatie. Keep an eye on for all details.

Waagnatie Expo & Events, rijnkaai 150 :: 2000 Antwerp
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129 EUR