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On December 4th Lowlands' founding father Tom De Weerdt decided to Shut the Door Forever. Nevertheless the family & closest friends agreed to organise a tribute to respect his musical spirit & to support his daughter by protecting his legacy and his records.


>>> L i n e U p


Rudy Trouvé & Elko Blijweert

Luc Van Acker

Kloot Per W

Eriksson Delcroix

Nid & Sansy

Shut The Door Forever

Erick Schleichem & Sarah de Bosschere

DAAN (solo?)

Hugo Capablanca (Ger-Bra)

Andy Votel (Uk)

C.B Bang

Mo Disco


Nic'o Vegass


Tom De Weerdt aka Dj Low was founder producer and manager of the independent labels among others Lowlands, Downsall Plastics and Audio View. Aswell he was a worldfamous record collector specialised in unique & weird music. Furthermore he was a dj and radio-dj aswell a musician and finally and most importantly he inspired and supported many artists, bands & dj's. A key factor in the Belgian leftwinged music industry. He left a house with a unique collection, full of rare vinyls, cd's, music memorabilia and it was his dream and goal to share this collection with music lovers worlwide. This tribute is created to keep this legacy and his being alive. 





Petrol, d'Herbouvillekaai 25, 2020 Antwerpen
Ticket Price
Presale 15 EUR // Doors 20 EUR