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Inventive musicians, dancers, story tellers and illustrators will drop by Stormkop - a giant modernist warehouse in Antwerp's harbor area.

Embark on an exploration through stock rooms, workshops, showers and lunch rooms, where once ship repairers worked.

Curated by Michael Brijs (jazz musician, song writer, composer, author).


The Victory's (gospel group) :: Jon Doe One and Stefanie Janssen (soundscapes and singing) :: Han Bennink, Thomas De Princ, Vincent Brijs and Alexander Wahba (music) :: Notches (choir) :: Bert Lezy, Lies Van Gasse, Jirka De Preter and Ikram Aoulad (port proza and live illustrations)

Buy tickets at Het Stadsmagazijn.

Stormkop :: Eilandje :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€10 (pre-sale) :: €14 (ATD)