Erasmus Anonymus TD

International Party
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ESN Antwerp organizes its most notorious party of the year: ERASMUS ANONYMUS TD! 

They introduce a concept never seen before...

The first 400 party people will get a FREE MASK at the entrance. So everyone will be ANONYMUS! Which means: no limits to your partying. You can do anything you want, cause no one will recognize you. Time to approach your secret crush in disguise or dance like no one is watching. Feel free to bring your own masks too, the crazier the better!

For all you party goers, Responsible Party will be present to provide you with gadgets, water and advise on why you should drink (with care).



- Niels Feijen ( Tomorrowland, UNDER, HMEWRK, Extrema Outdoor, Prisma, Hobbelpaard.)

- Billiet (Café De Prof resident, Wikings Openings-TD, ...)

- DJ BNZZ (ESN resident, he will blow your minds!)



Pre-sale available at our office:

R009, R building, Citycampus University of Antwerp

Mondays: 19h30 - 20h30

Tuesdays: 12h45 - 13h45


Red & Blue, Lange Schipperskapelstraat 11/13 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
Presale 4 EUR // Doors 5 EUR