The Emotional Junkie and the Cyborg Love

Xavier Mary
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Tagsalternative, art, party
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As a part of the Energy Flash exhibition, join artist Xavier Mary for a special event and installation at M HKA running through the night, focusing on a new generation of “digital ravers”. The auditorium will become a space for experimental music and videos, and the café will be the setting for techno DJs, both classic and contemporary.Mary has invited a number of iconic DJs and other guests of the Belgian rave and techno scene to play live sets, namely Acid Kirk, Hiele and Ssaliva, alongside newer acts such as Air Lqd and Cedric Stevens, as well as videos by artists Nate Boyce, Agnieszka Polska and Céline Gillain. Join us for a night of high-energy digital raving.

M HKA :: Leuvenstraat 32 :: 2000 Antwerpen
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Free entrance