Dubfest # 6 : Jah Heavy Load mts. Youth & Truth ( Dub Fi Youth )

The latest dubs, steppers and specials
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Jah heavy Load presents another soundsystem session !!!!

2 sounds inna di Area ! ( 4 scoops ) 


This time they invite Youth & Truth music out of Kortrijk !! For many of you known as Dub Fi Youth !! They have played numerous sessions in Belgium as abroad. They come with the full crew and their homecrafted Truth And Right Defender. 

Besides hosting the Stand Firm Dances in their hometown they are also founders of the Youth and Truth - music Label which is well known for their smashing release "Rasta We Rasta" produced by Forward Fever and played all over di world by now. Many more to be expected from this warriorcrew. 




Jah Heavy Load will be playing their best selection on this evening of musical enjoyment. Expect heavy steppers , thunderous tunes and rootical classics for you to dance, skank and meditate. Maybe you catched a vibe at Reggae Geel, Reggaebus or U.N.OD where they provided powerfull sets with dubplates and special productions. Check Cheese Patrol Family. As always the TSAR - soundsystem is there to back dem up with roaring !!! 




Damage : 7 euro before midnight, 10 euro after midnight.

All Tribes Welcome , Skank , Step and Dance it !!



Zappa, August Leyweg 6 :: 2020 Antwerp
Ticket Price
7 EUR before midnight // 10 EUR after midnight