Discobar Galaxie

free friyay nite concert
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The space opera called Discobar Galaxie was founded in the nineties, out of a personal need to improve Belgian nightlife. Not long after, the legendary DJ collective gets its own show on national radio.

It's hard to find a stage in Belgium where the Discobar hasn't played yet. Laundry Day, Tomorrowland, their own stage at Rock Werchter,... always taking their Galaxie Gangbang Soundsystem with them.

After many years, these three dudes still play like hell. Even for free, on one night in Antwerp's open air concert hall.

Support by JTOTHEC ("Jay to the Cee") - lord of power funk, featurin a crazy band.

Note: you better come early, the free Friday night concerts go by the "full = full" concept, and a lot of people tend to show up.

OLT Rivierenhof :: Turnhoutsebaan 246 :: 2100 Antwerp
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