Deadly Affairs

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We're living in a time where human impact on the planet is so profound that it'll leave its traces for millennia to come.

DEADLY  AFFAIRS addresses environmental injustice by bringing into view the externalities inherent to the logic of capital accumulation. It traces the exploitation of labour, land and resources from within Europe to a space outside of its borders - focusing on how the privileges Europeans currently enjoy are only possible because of abuses that take pace outside the confines of its jurisdiction. 

The group exhibit DEADLY AFFAIRS at Extra City will run until June 30.

On March 23 you can attend the opening party - music provided by DJ Jan Matthé.

Participating artists are Boris Anje, Valentino Bellini & Eileen Quinn, Don't Follow the Wind, Jessika Khazrik, Daniel Lambo, Hira Nabi, Franziska Pierwoss, Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Ashkan Sepahvand, Neda Saeedi, Susan Schuppli, Adrien Tirtiaux and more.

Extra City :: Eikelstraat 29 :: 2600 Antwerp
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Free entrance