Cloud 9

Official COF afterparty
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On March 26, you´re all gonna get to CLOUD 9.

CLOUD 9 is the official afterparty of the 3th Clouds of Fashion show. 

Everybody´s welcome from 9 o´clock to enjoy some good food & drinks in the spectacular flowergarden. The volume will be turned up around 23h. 

Get ready to be immersed into another dimension full of amazing memories. Remember: CLOUD 9 IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE KIND OF AFTERPARTY!

P.S.: Boys, be ready because you will be surrounded by the prettiest girls in Antwerp! 


A cloud is made to stand out. 

Will you join us and be extraordinary together? 

Or will you remain with your feet on the ground? 

Take a chance and float.

Rijnkaai 150 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
€10 ATD