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Cinema Koerwoud presents: HER.

Theodore Twombly gets intrigued by the new advanced computer system that forms a whole identity of its own, based on the user's preferences. When he activates the system, he meets Samantha, a female voice with a surprisingly human sence of humour and empathy. Their friendship gains strength, even evolves to love when Theodore and Samantha share input and experiences.

This 2013 Spike Jonze flick won over 85 awards, including an Oscar and Golden Globe for best original scenario.

At Cinema Koerwoud you get a drink and settle down in the cozy summer bar to enjoy a series of films, ranging over different cultures and stories, making you forget you're in the middle of the city.

Note: come early, limited seats.

Koerwoud :: Oudaan 14 :: 2000 Antwerp
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