BrouwPlus 2015

beer brewing
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Do you love beer? Are you a home brewer, microbrewer or craft brewer? Then BrouwPlus is perfect for you!

BrouwPlus is a window on the world of brewing. For the first time ever, you will have the opportunity to see the ingredients, examine the equipment, learn more about training, marketing intelligence and supply chain management – and it’s all under one roof.

Home brewers will also be able to talk to contract breweries – so you might find yourself launching your own beer!

BrouwPlus is the rendezvous for all those who love brewing beer and drinking it. Meet friends and colleagues and let the experts answer all your questions.

In short – it’s the place to be for all those looking for more from brewing!

Rijnkaai 150 :: 2000 Antwerp
Ticket Price
9 euro + 1 euro fee