Bougie Woogie III

Rock&Roll Party
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  • #thisisantwerp

Have you got the hots for rock&roll? Than we have some good old fashioned news for you: This sweet summer Bougie Wougie brings forth a magiqal ride into the jiving Spiegeltent! Get your shiny shoes ready, your dancing feet on and come dive into the wonderful world that our slick selectors will blaze out of the speakers!

Rock n Roll - Garage - Surf - Rockabilly - Indie - RocksteadyYour hosts for the night:Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire, The Hickey Underworld)

Twisted Melon DJ (Twisted Melon)

Olly (London Calling)

Hotsjumenas DJ's (Hotsjumenas)

Captain Crack (Lone Wolf, No Club)

Jack Vee (Bougie Wougie) 

Magiq Spiegeltent Noordkasteel: 2030 Antwerp
Ticket Price
5 euro